Crimping Tools

Purchase Crimping Tools

All of the crimping tools featured in this video can be purchased from our online store. For details on each tool, or to purchase, please visit the Crimpers page on our webstore.

Tool Rental Program

Our rental program is designed for customers who are purchasing any harness that includes a bag of loose terminals (Classic Update Series and universal wiring systems). We supply these professional grade crimpers to help you with the installation of your American Autowire wiring harness. Our factory style GM terminals supplied in your kit are designed to be crimped by these tools only. Enclosed in your wiring  kit is bagged kit #500919 labeled “Practice Kit” (Classic Update, Builder, Power Plus, and Highway Series ONLY). We send you these extra terminals so that you can practice your crimping techniques with our crimpers (see the video above).

American Autowire is currently offering a pair of Delphi Packard Electric “F” type terminal crimping tools for a nominal fee of $25.00 each…the single crimp tool and the double crimp tool. Upon ordering either rental tool, your credit card will be charged a $79.00 deposit per tool plus shipping charges. The rental agreement is for a 30 day period and starts upon the arrival of the tool. American Autowire will use the UPS tracking number for verification of arrival.

After 30 days, you will have a 2 week grace period to return the tool to American Autowire to receive the credit applied back to your credit card. The amount of the credit will be $54.00 per tool, after inspection of the tool for damage. After that 2-week grace period, if you have not contacted or sent back the tool, American Autowire will assume no responsibility, and that you have decided to keep the tool for yourself permanently. It will be your responsibility to contact American Autowire after completion of the rental to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). To receive an RMA number please contact Sales at (800) 482-9473, and press option 3.

If you are interested in renting crimp tools from American Autowire, please contact our Sales team by calling 1-800-482-9473, and press option 3. Tools cannot be rented by placing an online order.