1968 Camaro horn troubles

Q: When I put my key into the ignition switch of my 1968 Camaro with the door open, the horn starts to honk.  When I close the door, turn the ignition to on, or to accessory position, the horn stops honking.  However, the horn does not work when I press the horn button.  My original system has the warning function for a key in the ignition, but this was just a buzz and had nothing to do with the horn. All systems were working properly prior to replacing the harnesses!

I have re-checked all the connections (disconnected them then re-connected them), but the problem still exists.  All components are connected, other than the instrument panel. I don’t believe this would have any bearing on this problem, or does it?  What is happening here?

A: Change the black and pink with black stripe wires out on the horn relay. It sounds like they are plugged in incorrectly.
If connections were plugged on backwards, with the key in the ignition and the door open, you would get a ground, thus applying the horn the entire time the key was in the ignition and the door was open until the ignition switch was turned to the “on” position.
Unfortunately, aftermarket relays do not have some of the features of OEM relays that make this mix-up less likely. A factory original GM relay cannot be plugged in incorrectly unless the wrong connectors are on the wrong wires. The pink with black stripe wire should have the connector with the notch cut out on the underside of it, whereas the the connector on the black wire should be solid. On a factory Delco Remy relay, the blade that the pink wire installs onto has an “upset” in the blade allowing only for the connector with the notch cut out being able to be installed onto it.