All Copper Grounding Kit

All Copper Grounding Kit

Solve present or future grounding problems by ssing the American Autowire All Copper Grounding System.

The Problem:
1.    Your steel frame rail is a very poor conductor of ground current.
2.    Ground current is 50% of your electrical system.
3.    Over a period of years the connection between the frame and your ground wire will corrode or rust interrupting your ground current.

The Solution:
The American Autowire system eliminates the frame rail from the ground current by using three grounding boxes connected by 6 gauge copper cables.  This kit includes 20 coils of wire marked every five inches with the required circuit function identification.  6 Terminal lugs and a battery crimping star tool (500665) are included.

Part# 500717 – $145

A Must for Fiberglass Bodies!   A Must for Steel Bodies Too!

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All Copper Grounding Kit