Halogen “Bright Driver” Headlight Kits

This kit features two “Bright Driver” headlight reflector bodies and halogen bulbs made complete by the addition of the correct factory connectors and pigtail assembly for easy connection to any dual 7” bulb headlight system. What makes this even better is they are a direct replacement for the common glass sealed beam headlight with no additional mounting hardware necessary.
Completed assembly is lighter than the stock glass bulb by nearly a pound. The bulb and connectors are weather tight to prevent lamp leakage and connector corrosion. There is a Gore-Tex vent applied to the top of the headlight’s reflector body to allow water vapor to evaporate increasing the life of all components. The reflector & lens is produced from polycarbonate that is up to 30 times more impact resistant than its glass counterpart
•    Gore-Tex Seal (Vapor evaporation for long life.)
•    Uses 9007 Replacement Bulb.
•    Polycarbonate Body! (Up to 30 times more impact resistant.)
•    Twist Lock. (Bulb held with OEM style locking ring.)
•    Included Disconnect System. (Male & female connectors with correct terminals provided.)
•    Correct OE Connector (Assembled pigtail into weather tight OE connector.)

500562 Universal 7” upgrade kit          199.00 set
500521 1955-56 Chevy upgrade kit    199.00 set
500522 1957 Chevy upgrade kit          199.00 set
500586 7” Muscle Car upgrade kit       199.00 set