Highway 15 kit – dual and quad headlamps

Q: Your Highway 15 kit has provisions for a dual headlamp system. My car has quad headlamps. What parts do I need, and can they be purchased separately? Is there a diagram to add this connection?

A: Yes, the high beam headlamp connectors and terminals can be purchased separately. They are sold individually as American Autowire  part# 500197 and come complete with the plastic connector and the terminals needed to incorporate them into any system using this type of lighting arrangement. Keep in mind that they are sold individually, so you’ll need to purchase 2 to complete your job. As far as instructions are concerned, we do not offer any printed instructions.  However, installation is fairly simple:

  1. Crimp the new supplied terminals onto new lt. green and black wires.
  2. Then splice or connect the other end of those wires into your existing Highway kit LH headlight connector that already contains the lt. green and black wires.
  3. Once you have done this, simply plug the 2 new wires into the new 2-way connector (500197) that you purchased.
  4. Then plug that connector onto the LH high beam light bulb assembly.
  5. Repeat this process for the RH side.