I have a 1968 Camaro with original console shift automatic that now includes a Tremec 6 speed. I purchased your console gauge conversion kit that included a wiring harness to adapt the new console gauge cluster into my car. However, the instructions do not appear to be for an application that will work in my car. Did I receive the wrong harness or am I missing something?

Unfortunately, this is a question that we receive quite regularly. There are 3 different applications for these console gauge conversion wire harness kits. They are as follows: Column shift automatic TO floor shift automatic with gauges; floor shift automatic TO floor shift automatic with gauges; and any column or floor shifted manual, with or without a console TO floor shift manual with gauges. If you car DOES NOT fit one of these scenarios, you WILL NOT be able to use an adapter harness to operate your new gauge set. In an instance such as yours, where the configuration of the car has changed to include a different style of transmission (auto. vs. manual), the ONLY alternative is to contact us or your favorite dealer to purchase the CORRECT underdash and engine compartment wire harnesses for your new application as all three harnesses are affected by the addition of the tach and gauges.

Speaking of a tach, that also adds another wrinkle to this situation. ALL 67-9 Camaro console gauge equipped cars came mandatory with a factory tach up in the dash cluster that replaced the fuel gauge. If you are adding gauges, you MUST also add the factory dash tach in place of the fuel gauge.

The deciding factor in whether the kit will work in your car is what connector exists (or doesn’t exist) down at the heater deflector area on the transmission tunnel. The wire kits are designed to be plug and play with no cutting or splicing necessary. When we change a transmission, there are several factors that now become an issue such as back up lamps, neutral safety switch wiring, power feeds and how they get energized, etc.

We have recently updated all of the wiring directions for the various kits and they can now be found posted on our instructions website for your viewing pleasure. These all-new, full color instructions WILL work with older kits as nothing was changed from a manufacturing standpoint. If you just need clarification on some items on your kit, I strongly urge you visit this site and take in these exciting new instructions as they are much easier to follow since they are specific to each part numbered kit now.