I have a Classic Update kit for my 65 Mustang and I am trying to make the instrument panel connections. The alternator light has 2 wires from the factory, a yellow with a black stripe and a black with a green stripe. I can see from your instructions on page 8 that the black with green stripe wire goes to your brown wire at the cluster connection, but where does my yellow with a black stripe wire on the other side of my lamp socket attach to on your harness? Also, can I use the factory 2 wire light socket?

That yellow with black stripe wire is not included in our harness as that wire went directly out to the voltage regulator in a stock FORD application. We do not supply the actual voltage regulator harness wires in our kit, just an accessory keyed 12 volt power feed wire (brown wire 4D at branch #1) to switch the regulator “ON”. As our harness is an updated unit that was meant to be used in a modified car, most people will choose a 1 wire or other type of internally regulated alternator (we recommend a Ford G3 internally regulated unit) in conjunction with a voltmeter to monitor the condition of the charging circuit. In an original application, the check light wire (yellow with a black stripe) piggybacked into the regulator harness if the car was one that was equipped with an idiot light. For your application, you will simply need to run a wire from your voltage regulator “bulb check” connection back into the car and splice it into the yellow with black stripe lead on your 2-wire bulb assembly. The other side should be spliced using the brown wire from our harness to the black with green stripe wire on your 2-wire bulb assembly.