I have a nostalgia headlight switch that I want to use on my street rod roadster but don’t know if it can handle the power requirements of my stock headlights. Also, I would like to update the headlights to Halogen lights. Do I need to change anything?

In most cases, the headlight switch would be fine for use with the typical sealed beam headlight system. However, If you do not know the power handling capability of the headlight switch or are updating to a higher current draw halogen headlight system, you might want to take the safety approach and take the load off the headlight switch by using a relay to control the power to your high and low beam dimmer switch. The relay is input 12 volt battery power. The original headlight switch power output is redirected to activate the relay. Relay output is directed to the low/high beam dimmer switch, taking the place of the original headlight switch power output. The dimmer switch acts as it always did by directing power output to either the low or high beam circuit. The result is that the original headlight switch becomes a low current switch. Please note that 12 volt power to the relay should be through a resetable circuit breaker.