I installed my American Autowire factory OEM replacement engine harness in my 1965 GTO and the wire to the coil (+) is warm to touch. Do I have an electrical short or is this normal?

In all “points type” ignition systems, the OEM manufacturer installed a resistance wire or a ballast resistor to reduce the voltage to the ~9.6 volts for long term ignition performance.  During normal engine operation, the points open and close allowing the resistance wire to discharge voltage to each spark plug at the timed increments, thus, minimizing the heat (warm to touch) build-up on the resistance wire.  Common reasons for the resistance wire to become very hot to touch is the ignition key left “ON” for long periods of time during harness installation, when the ignition point contacts are closed. This unique ignition points position will not allow the resistance wire to discharge voltage and excessive heat (very hot to touch) will build up on the resistance wire.

A second reason for excess heat build up on the resistance wire is when an aftermarket HEI (12 volt) ignition system has been installed.  The newer performance HEI ignition system is demanding excessive voltage through the resistance wire due to the HEI ignition system’s 12 volt operational requirements.  In this case, the resistance wire will have to be removed and replaced with a piece of 12 gauge wire.