I’m wiring my 1964 Mustang instrument cluster with an American Autowire Classic Update kit. Do I need to use my OEM constant voltage regulator for installing my factory gauges?

If you are installing one of our American Autowire 1964-66, 1967-68, 1969, or 1970 Mustang Classic Update kits, and are using your stock instrument cluster, you will need to use your original Ford OEM constant voltage unit.  The constant voltage unit is normally mounted on the back of the instrument gauge cluster (we have shown a typical 1967 Mustang instrument cluster and harness below).  As listed in our installation instructions (510056, page 3; 510126 page 3; or 510186 page 3) the AAW “Brown” accessory feed wire (4E) located in with the instrument cluster wires will be attached to the (Ford color code) “Black with Light Green Stripe” wire that feeds the constant voltage unit in the stock Ford OEM original instrument cluster.   If you are making your own male/female gauge disconnect harness using our supplied gauge harness connectors, you will need to take the brown (4E) wire and connect it to the Ford OEM constant voltage unit input side. On the output side of the constant voltage unit, you will attach a feed wire that will be run to each of the factory gauges that requires constant reduced voltage.