My new starter only has one small stud on it and my engine harness has two wires at the starter. My car will crank over, but will not start. My car also has an HEI distributor. Where do I put the second wire? Do I even need the second wire?

Yes – you may need the 2nd wire. It’s all according to the ignition switch you are using. If your switch is NOT mutually bussed between “ON” and “Start” the engine may not even fire. What that means, is that in the “ON” position, you will have voltage at the ignition wire, but when you go past “ON” to “Start”, the ignition wire drops dead. That is why you may need the second wire at the starter (to pull voltage off of the starter in the “Start” position and energize the coil) so that the ignition will fire allowing the car to start.  This all really depends on what year car you have, as the ignition switch functions vary from car to car and from year to year. If the wire is not needed, you can just tape it back to the harness being sure to properly insulate the lead, as it will be hot in the run position. This is also a very big issue for people putting the newer fuel injected engines into the older cars, as you MUST have voltage in the crank position for the injectors to fire or the car WILL NOT start.

Solution: We have an ignition switch bypass relay kit that will work with many GM products and is a 5-10 minute “plug and play” installation. We also have an “in dash” ignition switch that will replace many GM switches and IS mutually bussed between “ON’ and “Start” that will eliminate this problem.
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