The wires on the 1965 Nova Factory Fit OEM replacement dash harness (part# NV58063) are the not the same color as the original harness. Why?

American Autowire manufactures the GM OEM replacement harnesses to the latest revision of the GM engineering blue print. In mid-year 1965, GM elected to move from a striped wire to sold color wire. Example: a black wire with a white stripe would later become a white wire. A black with a light blue stripe would later become a light blue wire. As specified on the original GM engineering print, the wire gauge, form, fit, and function of the all the circuits would conform to the latest revision of the engineering specifications. The only difference would be the solid color wires instead of the striped wires. This solid color wire change was applied across the entire Chevrolet platform and took place between February and April of 1965 depending on the model.