What do I do if I add a new starter and that starter is a later high torque design that does not have an “R” terminal?

The issue here is discussed in another post, however, here we have introduced a situation where the 12 volt override wire physically cannot exist. There are two possible solutions to this problem. The first involves changing the ignition switch to one that supplies 12 volts on the “RUN” circuit when the ignition is in “CRANK” mode. With this type of ignition switch, a 12 volt override wire from the starter is not necessary. The second solution involves the use of a starter solenoid relay that uses the solenoid lead wire from the ignition switch to activate a relay that supplies the necessary 12 volt power to the HEI ignition coil through the HEI power terminal. When the key is released from the “CRANK” position, the relay is shut down and power to the HEI distributor is supplied through the “RUN” circuit.