Why Should I Buy American Autowire?

Key Features of American Autowire Wiring Kits

1. Rock Solid Panel:
Able to be placed in locations not limited to the Dash/Firewall area.
2.  Wires Connected as Needed:
Avoids handling clumps of wires
3.  1-Sided Panel Connections:
Provides neat dressing of wires
4.  Unique Connections:
Uses self-locking screw down connection to panel according to Hooke’s Law
5.  Excellent Connection:
Strength: Demonstrable pull test according to Hooke’s Law using a “U PULL IT” prop
6.  Heavier Gauge Wiring:
All bus bars are 6 gauge (instead of 10) preventing overheating even with a full load of accessories
7.  Fuse Connection Terminal:
Uses a unique spring steel clip between the “McDonald Arches” preventing loose connections or hot spots
8.  Heavier Fused Circuits:
All power circuits are 12 gauge (rated for 40 Amps). In case of an over load, the panel fuses (30 Amps Max) will blow protecting the wires.
9.  Protected Feed Wire:
The panel feed wire on the Highway 22 is 8 gauge and protected by a 175 Amp MegaFuse™ Safety Device
10.  Modular Panel:
Allows for expansion and is all plastic, non metal construction
11.  Legible Wiring:
American Autowire’s marking is the BEST in the industry using a larger, clearer print and marked every 2-3 inches
12.  Full Color Instructions:
Our Wiring Instructions and Schematics are detailed in full color with step-by-step procedures to make wiring easy