The components we manufacture at American Autowire are used by professional restorers working on high-profile projects, home hobbyists breathing new life into a family heirloom, or complete novices building their dream car on a budget. We have three product lines available to help each of these customers reach their goal.

Our Classic Update product line consists of complete, vehicle-specific wiring systems for more of a hot rod approach. This catalog is not limited to GM vehicles, and includes harnesses for automobiles built from the 40’s through the early 1990’s. Classic Updates allow for the inclusion of modern accessories, standalone EFI systems and all the supporting electrical modifications expected as part of a modified restoration. Extra-long engine compartment and rear body wiring allow room for customization not found in an original harness, but vehicle-specific connectors, terminals and lamp sockets keep installers from having to reuse original components.

Factory Fit wiring is reproduced from original General Motors blueprints and tooling. Each harness is hand built, and will be a recreation of the part installed in the vehicle at new. While these are considered original-replacement parts, we use modern, GXL wire in the original GM color coding to bring them up to a more current standard.

In addition to these two vehicle-specific lines, we manufacture universal wiring harnesses that can be adapted to fit virtually any project. The Highway series kits are our most popular universal systems. Their modular design allows the fuse panel to be relocated and the wires routed as needed to suit modifications in vehicle body or interior.

The Power Plus and Builder panels are more traditional pre-wired systems designed to be installed under the driver’s side of the dashboard. Power Plus systems provide an excellent balance of adaptability and economy, and the Builder is ideal for cramped quarters or limited dash space. The Route 9 is our most basic system, with only the feeds required for starting and charging, lighting and ignition. This makes it the perfect choice for drag cars, rat rods or projects requiring very few electrical components.

The Severe Duty and Severe Duty Relay panels include watertight fuse enclosures, allowing them to service serious off-road builds, or panel mounting locations that might be subject to dust and moisture. As with all of our restomod and universal harnesses, they use GXL wire throughout, and include detailed installation instructions.

Still not sure what’s right for you? Our Sales and Tech team is available from 8 am to 5 pm Eastern, Monday through Friday at 1-800-482-9473 to discuss options.