Modublox Wiper Module

Modublox Wiper Module

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MODUBLOX WIPER MODULE, electronic latching for wiper control, 40 amp relays

Operates a two-speed 'coast to park' wiper motor with either a single or two-speed wiper switch and a momentary ground switch (not included). When the wiper switch is in the 'low speed' or 'on' position, easily switch between high and low speed motor circuits. When the wiper switch is off, holding a momentary switch activates the 'intermittent swipe' option on the low speed circuit for as long as the momentary ground is held. Includes mounting bracket and full detailed color instructions. Momentary switch not included.


  1. A two-speed motor can be operated by either a single or two-speed wiper switch.
  2. If a two-speed switch is being used, the high and low speed positions on the switch will operate the two-speed motor normally.
  3. High and low speed motor selection is available in the 'on' position for a single speed motor switch or the 'low speed' position for a two-speed switch.
  4. The module controls the Park circuit to avoid any motor damage.
  5. The 'intermittent swipe' option is active for as long as the momentary ground switch is held. A quick push of the button guarantees at least one swipe cycle. Longer swipe times are possible by holding the momentary switch. When released, the motor will complete its cycle before stopping.


Modublox are the latest innovation from American Autowire that facilitate maximum flexibility to add the most common accessories for your vehicle. Using the same technology as used in the Highway 22 and 15, you can custom build your own accessory panel using any combination of our current and future accessory Modublox.

Each Modublox module comes with it's own mounting bracket as well as the red locking wedge connector that allows you to attach modules together in any configuration or shape you need to fit that special place in your vehicle.

Modublox modules vary in size, but each module retains the common mounting edge and dimensional integrity that allows connection to another module on any side to form a common accessory block. Modublox include the same high heat and abrasion resistant wiring used in all our products as well as full color installation instructions.

Now you don't have to worry about adding an accessory to your system at a later date. Just snap it together and wire it in!

electronic latching for coast to park power switching wiper control, w/40 amp relays

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