How do I choose which harness or kit is right for me?

You must first determine what direction you are going with your project.

Are you replacing or repairing existing wiring? Are you restoring the vehicle to original condition? Do want the look of originality under the hood of the vehicle?

These would lead you into our Factory Fit line of wring harnesses. These harnesses are replacements built to exact GM specifications. Each harness meets the requirements of the make, model, year and options when the vehicle was manufactured. These harnesses are considered “plug and play” in design.

Do the plans for your vehicle include items such as an aftermarket custom gauge  and dash package, custom steering column, engine swaps with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), any of the other performance enhancement products?  Or would you like to hide the wiring as much as possible? Do you consider your vehicle more of a Hot Rod, Pro-Street or Pro-Touring project?

If so, you will most likely gravitate towards our Modified Restoration and Custom series of wiring kits:

The Classic Update Series is made for the restoration enthusiast who wants some modern amenities in their classic vehicle. The kits are designed for specific year/make/model vehicles. All the switches, connectors, and terminals you need are included.  With these kits, we do most of the work, then allow you, the builder, to complete the installation and connections based upon the components you have chosen to install, and where you would like to place the wiring. Classic Updates are currently available in 20 kits!

Highway Series Kits are the most versatile in the American Autowire product line because they employ a “modular fuse panel”.  This means that no wires are plugged into the fuse panel when you purchase a Highway kit. Seem strange? This allows you to mount the fuse box in a location of your choice: under or behind a seat, in a console or glove box, or possibly in the trunk.  Mount the box and begin to wire the connections back to the box. Two Kits are available to meet your circuit requirements – the Highway 15 and Highway 22.

The Power Plus Series and Builder Series of universal harnesses are terminated at the fuse box and pre-wired for the convenience of the installer. This simplifies the installation.  The fuse boxes in these kits are typically mounted under the dashboard in the traditional driver side location. You will still complete the installation of the final connections, but half your work is completed!   There are two kits in the Power Plus Series – Power Plus 13 and Power Plus 20; and one in the Builder Series – Builder 19.

So there we are – a few different style kits based upon your decision on how you choose to build your project. Get a plan together. Understand your project and the direction you want to go.

You can always contact our knowledgeable Sales/ Technical Staff to offer guidance in determining which program is best suited for your project.